Closing Milonga - 22.10.23

Thibault’s love for tango started when he first listened Tango over 25 years ago, it gave him the feeling that "I don’t know when but I will dance tango one day".He is known as an artist who creates his vision by taking photos in some of the most respected tango events in Europe, however his true art lies in his passion for tango as a dancer and as a Tdj. His journey through time and various cultures intensified his understanding of how different tango crowds react to different orchestras and different periods of Tango music. His philosophy in tango is underlined in his tandas where he builds each tanda as a story creating different chapters of the story through out the milonga. His favourite orchestra as dancer is Pugliese, strong feeling for Troilo, a great taste for Di Sarli or D’Arienzo and a quiet mood for Calo or Tanturi… as Tdj I believe I love all of them, as they create some energetic rainbow covering all the colours of the night.
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